BV Consulting | What we are not
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ce nu suntem_mare


We challenge conventions, we are not typical trainers who propose panacea, we do not pretend we are familiar with a wide range of business sectors, but we have the key experience to understand different problems and contexts and respond adequately. We do not aim to communicate in the place of the client, but with his help.
It is not the trainees who should listen to us, but we should listen to them and understand them first and foremost, in order to provide them, through a custom-made experience, with what they need to receive. We do not favor “one-size-fits-all” solutions. The trainings are based on our experience, as well as the experience of our trainees, as we promote experiential learning or education. This is part of our unique concept – ACE (advocates, communicators, educators) – where preparation for business means education.


We do not see ourselves as motivational speakers, but we do believe that our audience will feel motivated to overcome problems that others do not even bother to understand. Each of us has an inclination to and a particular understanding of the business mechanisms, but also the capacity to explain and convey specific strategies and tools to solve the difficulties in the business processes and interactions.


Even though we have acquired our experience in several industries or sectors of activity, we do not think of ourselves as outcomes of the expertise built in a particular field, but rather the “fruits” of free and unconventional thinking. Although we have worked for companies in fields such as pharmaceutical, automotive, mining/energy, financial services or FMCG, we do not exclusively target these industries, but any company which understands the usefulness of the concept we propose: ACE – the point where settled and proven theory meets business practice.

We are not trainers out of obligation or complaisance, but out of passion and calling. Calling for education.