BV Consulting | Our vision
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viziunea noastra


Educatio means growing and nurturing. This requires time, patience, care, will, inspiration, and talent. Education means becoming. Unfortunately, over the past years, education has ended up being just an empty accumulation of diplomas and papers without any substance.

We believe in the need for education. We believe in competence, in experience and the art of sharing.

Our trainings contribute to strengthening a value-based construction started in the first years of life and subsequently passed through the filter of individual professional experiences. They are a brick of the temple every individual is building for him/herself. Therefore, we assume the role of a value binder between what there is and what is to come.

We bring our solid theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in prestigious universities and significant experiences in the business environment.  Years of teaching, as well as a long-standing activity in the corporate area vouch for us. A lot of enthusiasm and the joy of giving.