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Dana Volosevici

Education Programs Leader

I believe in law and its capacity to bring value to the society. I believe in education, as an intrinsic need of the human being. I believe in the power of the team, whether it is the Bar, yachting or complex technical projects.

I am a graduate of the Law School within Bucharest University, as well as of the Institut de Droit des Affaires et de la Coopération Internationale, organized by Bucharest University and Université Paris I Sorbonne. The trainings organized by Cardozo School of Law, Central European University, Academy of European Law and King’s College London have taught me to understand law in relation with society and industry.

I am an advocate of the industry and for the industry. For over 15 years, I have been working for the organization, development and market-adaptation of some of the key economic players.
I teach business law to the students of economic faculties and, together, we build a multidisciplinary approach of the business issues. The trainings I have created and implemented have the same multi-facetted structure, adjusted to the industry and its specific aspects.
I also write about and for the industry.
Gestionarea juridică a resurselor umane, Prouniversitaria Publishing House 2013. My doctoral thesis, Analyse multi-facettes de l’intégration des salariés dans les sociétés commerciales, en France et en Roumanie, is dedicated to the industry and its people.
I am taking my energy from the sea, wind and sun, on a sailboat, in the crazy vibration of a racer, or sailing smoothly, on blue-greenish waves.

Ionuţ Tănase

Communications Practice Leader


I have provided consultancy in the communication with the authorities and lobby in the first specialized company established in Romania. I have learned we must not communicate in order to say what we think but, more importantly, to make sure we are listened to and understood.

I have dedicated my entire activity to efficient communication: I have delivered political and media communication trainings at “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, I have assisted large corporations in the communication with political and governmental stakeholders, then shared the results gathered in a doctoral research and – a first in our specialized literature – a complex volume dedicated to lobbying (

From the desire to have a responsible and strong business sector and the trust that our expertise comes to support this objective, together with my friends, I have established Business Vision Consulting. I trust that our vocation and experience will be a valuable attribute of any business with sustainable ambitions.

Cătălin Plăcintă

Legal Practice Leader


I am a graduate of the Law Faculty within the University of Bucharest, as well as of the Institute de Droit des Affaires et de la Cooperation International, organized by the University of Bucharest and Université Paris I Sorbonne.
I have been working as an attorney for more than 11 years, mainly specialized in industry-related issues.

I am analytical, prepared to identify any problems, open to finding solutions together. I strongly believe that Law should remain ars boni et aequi. I believe in reconciliation and mutual gain. I would rather settle a dispute after a 3 hour or 3 month negotiation, than at the end of 3 years of judicial proceedings.

Over the years, I solved difficult issues or managed sensitive situations for and alongside customers. This contributed to a dissolution of the barrier between customer and friend. I am happy and proud that many of my customers are also my friends. I enjoy sharing the experienced acquired, therefore I said YES to the Business Vision Project.