BV Consulting | Business consultancy
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We manage business situations.

We interpret the law. We communicate with the relevant stakeholders. We prepare people for various business contexts.

Examples of situations where we step in with our expertise:

Managing reorganizations and restructurings

Managing start-ups

Managing product-related liability

Communicating with social partners (trade union, employees’ representatives)

Managing consumer protection issues: from legal issues to public image implications

Managing labor conflicts: establishing legal connections and planning communication in order to ensure an outcome with manageable risks.

Case study – Consultancy for the reorganization of a department within a multinational company


As advocates, we analyze the proposed process from a legal point of view, in order to identify the legal risks and propose the reorganization options which best fit the business specificity, while making sure that the process risk is easily manageable.


We stand by your side throughout the legal procedure of individual or collective layoffs, together with the HR specialists.

In parallel, we communicate. With the trade unions, with the employees’ representatives and with the employees involved. With the competent authorities – a sensitive, but often neglected aspect. With the audience – public perceptions, improperly managed, will influence the normal business process. Moreover, we verify all the documents drafted as part of the legal procedure, from the communication viewpoint.


The legal action and communication are supplemented by training. For the managers involved in the restructuring process, training aims at providing an understanding and management of the procedure, as well as means of communication with the employees. For the dismissed employees, training is implemented on multiple levels, from trainings on communication, writing of CVs, letter of intent, interviews, use of internet, to certifications for professional reconversion.